COVID-19 left us with the stark realisation that citizens must take responsibility for their future health. This emphasis on self-care can help us advance difficult debates around human enhancement. Replacing dystopian ideas of racial improvement (i.e. Eugenics) with more pluralistic, egalitarian policies that support morphological freedom (bodily autonomy) and self-creation (i.e. Augenics).

To empower Augenics, Makers Union (MU) call for dormant real estate to be redeveloped as laboratory housing (the “Labhouse” model). Residential schools for personal medicine that fuse medutainment with community-led research, so anyone with a passion for learning can spark positive health behaviour change. For themselves and the communities in which they reside.

Unlike state and private clinics that lock people out of healthcare decision-making and innovation, collaborative ownership central to the Labhouse model means people have vested interest in creating their own futures. Personalising healthcare like never before.